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Top Tips To Remain Cool in Hot Months

Keeping you and your home cool in those hot clammy months.

• Try not to exercise just before going to bed. When you exercise it raises your body temperature and your body will retain heat. Instead exercise a couple of hours before.

• Take a tepid shower or bath. If you try taking a cold your body can react by trying to heat up which is the opposite of what you want.

• Heat rises so if you struggle to sleep at night, try putting your mattress on the floor or sleep on a lower level of the house.

• Before bed, try putting your sheets and pillows in the freezer they should stay cool enough for you to fall asleep nice and comfortable.

• When to hot sleep in cotton not nude. Cotton allows your body to breath and lets moisture evaporate between you and your sheets.

• Run cold water over your wrists for about 30 seconds. Your wrist is where blood flows closest to the surface of your body. This cools your blood and cools your whole body.

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