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Life hacks for Your Lawn & Garden

Your front lawn is what people see when they look at your house. You must exert efforts to make your lawn look neat in order to leave the right impression with your guests and visitors. In addition to this, lawns are often spacious. You will easily be able to maximize your lawns if you know life hacks and tricks that can help you. 

The most simple life hack you can do is turning an old milk jug into a watering can, simply by puncturing holes in the cap. For an impromptu shade during the summertime, you can use an ordinary curtain to help protect your plants. Attach one end of your house and the other one on a pole or tree, and simply slide across as needed.  

Cleaning garden tools can be very difficult. For removing dust and soil from any of your garden tools, take pieces of crumpled aluminum foil and dip it in water. Use the aluminum to scrub away the things that you don’t want. In case your tools look old and rusty, you can use white vinegar to help break down the



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