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Interesting Tips for the office

Re-record voicemail

If you’re having a busy day returning phone calls or getting in touch with clients and get the ‘please record your message after the beep,’ but for some reason your speech fails you and the message doesn’t come out just right, you can re-record. By pressing the # symbol on your phone, you can erase your message and re-record.

Tired of overspending on coffee, but still want more?

Rather than ordering a medium in a medium cup, order a medium coffee in a large cup. Your barrister will more than likely get the measurements wrong and end up giving you an Extra Medium coffee.

Paper cuts don’t have to ruin your day

If you’re flipping through papers too fast and ended up with one of those really annoying and surprisingly excruciating paper cuts, get out your chap stick and offer yourself an immediate relief from the pain.

Bye-bye telemarketers

If your office phone is subject to an influx of telemarketer calls on a regular basis, hit the 9 while in the call and the phone number will be moved to the don’t call list.

More ink from no ink

In the middle of printing an important document and your computer tells you you’re out of ink? There’s no need to worry because there’s still more ink in your cartridge. To retrieve it, remove the cartridge, get a pointy item like a paperclip (when unfolded) or a pin, poke the reset button, plug your cartridge back in and you’ll notice that your ink wasn’t empty after all.

IPad for iPhone

If you’re in a hurry to get your phone charged and you’ve got both an iPhone and an iPad, use your iPad charger for your iPhone and charge up in rapid speed. It may sound a bit silly, but it really does work.

Good battery? Bad battery?

To check if your battery has still got some life in it, bounce it on the ground from about 6 inches. If it falls flat after a single bounce, it’ still good. More bounces mean that they’ve reached the end or are approaching the end.

Get more life out of your laptop battery

To increase the life of your laptop battery, rather than charging to 100%, charge to 80%.

Dropped you phone in water?

Fill a bowl with rice and submerge your phone in the bowl. Leave the phone in the rice for about a day to allow the rice to absorb the moisture from your phone.

Clean keyboard

Use tape or Blu-tack to get to those hard to reach spaces on your keyboard and get rid of all the crumbs and dust that your keyboard has been hoarding.

Headphone holder

Attach a paperclip to the side of your desk and wrap your headphones around it when not in use.



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