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23 Life Hacks for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your home. It should allow you to relax and feel good about yourself after a long day’s work. It should be a place that you would be excited to stay in. It should be clean and organized so that it will be easier for you to rest and sleep. Just because visitors don’t usually get to see bedrooms, it does not mean that it should look like it’s been hit by a typhoon. 

Looking for ways to tidy up your bedroom? Here are some tips that could help you tidy up your bedroom in an efficient manner.

 A bedroom is a sanctuary and should be a private retreat for the individual, couple, or kids. Bedrooms are not only for sleeping though. Kids might use their bedrooms for studying or entertain visiting friends, you and your spouse might want to eat breakfast in the bedroom on a Sunday, or you might want to have a quiet spot in the house to read. Whatever the use, it should be a comfortable, stress-free space for every person.

Some quick hacks to optimize your bedroom:

1. There should be no clutter in this room at all. Never use a bedroom as a storage space and get rid of anything that does not belong here.

2. Lighter colors on the walls, furniture, curtains and linen will make the space look bigger.

3. If you want a bright or bold color, accent one wall and match your linen and décor to the wall color. A riot of color is distracting and does not lend itself to tranquility.

4. Use the walls, where ever possible, for storage. Wall-mount the dressing table. A floating dressing table clears some floor space. Use an ottoman with storage space instead of a chair at the dressing table.

5. Design your dressing table around your appliances and needs. Mount a power station (multi-plug) in a drawer to hide loose wires for the hairdryer, curling tongs, rechargeable shavers etc.

6. If storage is a problem, get rid of your side tables and build low or medium chests-of-drawers. These are perfect for jewelry, underwear, tank-tops, shorts and T-shirts. Roll or fold the clothes to be visible from the top. You will save a lot of time by finding your clothes a lot quicker. Stacked clothing in a cupboard inevitably falls over and you waste a lot of space between the top of the stacks and the next shelf.

7. Be creative if you want side tables next to the bed – use a stack of books (with a tray in top), chairs (either standing on the floor or hangings from the wall), baskets, roman columns, drinks trolleys, a bass drum (lying flat, and bonus points for converting the hi-hat into a lamp), trunks and even a slim bookcase can serve as a side table.

8. Use blinds instead of curtains for a modern look. Round off the window with crown molding in a box shape.

9. Light in the bedroom is critical. Make sure that you have ample light for the dressing table as well as a reading corner if you want one. Side lamps for the bed helps with reading as well as when you need to get up in the middle of the night. Make sure you choose the correct lamps for fit in with your décor as well as for their ultimate purpose.

10. Corners in a bedroom are a perfect place for a hanging lamp, hanging plants or just a thick dowel suspended on cables to hang your clothes for the next day. In winter, add a couple of dowels to hang your scarves and hats as an easy reach solution.

11. Make sure that you utilize the space under the bed for storing clothes or shoes that are out of season.

12. If you are in the market for a new bed, purchase one with storage space in the base of the bed.

13. To optimize the storage of clothes, place them in sturdy bags and use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. Seal the bag, and it will take up a fraction of the space and keep the clothes free from mold, insects and smells. Note: Zip-lock bags for this purpose are available in stores as well as online and they have handy vacuum seals built into the sides. Use them in your suitcase as well to pack double the volume of clothes when travelling.

14. Use pool noodles or hollow core cardboard tubes in your boots to keep them upright and neat.

15. In most bedrooms, space is often a problem. More often than not, we have too many things so everything just looks like a cluttered mess. There are bedrooms with too much furniture too. This could make it difficult for you to move around.

16. When you have to organize your room, you have to think of ways to maximize space. More often than not, rooms can be easily organized simply by re-arranging furniture and maximizing open space.

17. You will be surprised by how much you can maximize space. For example, the walls are never just for pictures and posters. You can simply hang hooks on walls and then use it to store your bags, purses, scarves, and other accessories.

18. Don’t ignore the space behind doors too. You can hang stuff behind your doors. It is ideal for storing things that you pick up just before leaving your home.

19. We know how difficult it is to have clothes for different seasons. As you rotate clothing, you must know how to maximize space to store the ones that are not in use. You can store unused clothes under the bed to maximize space. Just bring them out when it is time to use them again.

20. Use chair pockets to help you organize your things. This is ideal for storing stationary supplies and other things that you often use. You can hook your chair pocket to your wall for easy access.

21. You must learn how to maximize your closets too. You’ll be surprised to know that simply adding shelves in your closet will maximize space. You can easily DIY shelves if you purchase the correct materials. Ask your local hardware store about what can help you install shelves in cabinets and closets.

22. Your bedroom furniture makes a huge difference in the way your bedroom looks. From the moment you purchase your furniture, try to make sure that you have efficiency in mind. Go for dual-purpose furniture. For example, choose a mirror that doubles as storage space. Choose a chair that can also be used as a bed in case you have sudden guests who need to sleepover.

23. When you arrange your furniture, try to angle them at the corner of the room. For example, angling a couch on the corner will allow you to have some space behind which will allow you to store stuff like CDs or umbrellas.



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