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13 Life Hacks for Your Living Room

Your living room needs to look good because this is where you will entertain guests and visitors. Here are ideas that can help you be proud of our own living room.

As the name implies, a living room is a place for the family to share time together. Sometimes you watch a movie or a TV program, other times the room is used for board games or TV games. It is also a place for informal get-togethers with friends and family. So this is a versatile room and sees a lot of traffic.

Because of the diverse uses of this room it needs to be functional, properly spaced and have ample storage for everything that is needed in the room.

Quick hacks:

1. Remove the clutter. Get as much as possible off the floor to make cleaning fast and easy. Remember this room sees a lot of traffic.

2. Install castors or wheels to the coffee table, ottomans and pieces of furniture that you need to move around.

3. Install drawers or baskets into the coffee table to house items that you need every day, for example, remote controls, TV guides and coasters.

4. Install shelving for books, games, DVDs and other dust gathering items. Bonus points for installing doors to the shelves. Take time to sort the books and DVDs to find your favorites quickly! If guests arrive, close the doors and the room will be instantly neat.

5. Use baskets (in the coffee table or shelving) to group common things together. This could be a box of candles, platters for snacks, toys, extra batteries, globes, or even your knitting. Now you only need to take one container out and have everything ready for a specific function.

6. Instead of hanging a lot of pictures in frames, opt for very narrow floating shelves do display your photos. Use these to display other items as well.

7. Use old crates (similar or various sizes) as a wall mounted display shelves. To add extra depth to the room, install mirrors on the bottoms of the crates.

8. Lighting is very important in this room. Get rid of the single source of light in the center of the ceiling and install sets of low-voltage LED down-lighters. Wire them to switch them on in sets: Switch all of them on when hosting a get together, but only one set when you watch TV. Not only will you save money, but flush-mount down-lighters do not gather dust.

9. Use your wall space in a clever way. Install a large mirror on a wall to make the space look bigger. If you need extra light or lights that form part of the décor, cut an interesting shaped lamp in two and wall mount for both light and décor.

10. If you only use your TV occasionally, wall mount the unit and cover it with a framed picture that is hinged on one side. Neatly tie the cables together and hide them behind a vase, a box or freestanding photo frame.

11. Over the years, your walls might start to smell like food, cigarettes, or an “old house.” The problem could get even worse if you have a pet. It can be hard to get rid of the animal smell when it sticks to the wall. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive chemicals. Just wipe down walls and furniture with a mixture of one part white vinegar and eight parts water to remove bad odors from your home.

12. Carpets are beautiful and elegant. However, trying to maintain them involves a lot of work Here are a few hacks that could make your life significantly easier.

  1. Placing furniture on your carpet will cause them to have dents. Don’t stress about this! Simply rub the unsightly parts with a cube of ice. Finally, pat with a cloth, and your carpet or rug will be as good as new.
  2. Do you have pets or children who cause your rugs to move? In order to keep your rug or carpet in place, attach a Velcro strip on the carpet and a Velcro strip on the floor. This little trick will keep the rug in place.

13. You’ll be surprised to know that food and drinks can be used for furniture maintenance. Wooden furniture is beautiful, and it will give your living room a vintage look. However, you need to exert extra effort if you want your wooden furniture to look good.

  1. You can use flat beer to clean your furniture. All you have to do is pour beer on a soft cloth and simply wipe it down the wooden furniture. This simple process will help restore the color of your furniture.
  2. If your furniture has damages and scratches, you will find the unlikely solution to your problem in the form of a walnut. Simply rub a walnut on the surface of the furniture so that the walnut oil could help restore the flawless look of your wooden furniture.


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